Scultura – Carving from Carrara, Massa and Pietrasanta

Hopper, Robert; Murray, Peter; Muhlendorph, Jette; Paolicchi, Constantino & Gio Pomodoro
Date: 1988,
Publisher: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire

Hopper, Robert (Chairperson, Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and Murray. Peter (Executive Director, Yorkshire Sculpture Park), Preface and Acknowledgements, pp. 2-3
Murray, Peter, Introduction, pp. 4-7
Muhlendorph, Jette (Director, Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta), ‘The International Scene in Versilia’, pp. 8-10
Paolicchi, Constantino, ‘Stone carving from Carrara, Massa and Pietrasanta: A history of the Marble Industry and marble working’, pp. 11-15
Pomodoro, Giò, ‘Reflections on marble working in the Apuan Alps and in Versilia’, pp. 18-23

Language: English
ISBN: 1-981480-02-7
Pages: 50
Dimensions: 29.5x21.3cm
Library Reference: 1988 SCU
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