Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986

Rudd, Nathalie; Wood, Jon; Constantine, Jill; Allthorp-Guyton, Marjorie; Biggs,Lewis; Blazwick, Iwona; Compton, Ann; Cork, Richard; Johnstone, Isobel; Logsdail, Nicolas; Hughes, Henry Meyric; Nairne, Sandy; Newman, Michael; Robers, John & Tooby, Mike
Date: 2015,
Publisher: Hayward Publishing

Wood, Jon, ‘Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1968’ pp. 9-24
Marjorie Allthorp-Guyton ‘Commentaries’ p. 40
Isobel Johnstone ‘Commentaries’ p. 71
Henry Meyric Hughes ‘Commentaries’ p. 87

Language: English
ISBN: 978-185332-329-4
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 27x25cm
Library Reference: 2015 COU
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