Gravity and Grace: The Changing Condition of Sculpture 1965-1975

Thompson, Jon; Tucker, William and Yehuda Safran
Date: 1993,
Publisher: Arts Council of Great Britain & The South Bank Centre, London

Meyric Hughes, Henry (Director of Exhibitions, The South Bank Centre) and Ferleger Brades, Susan (Senior Exhibition Organiser), Foreword and acknowledgments, pp. 7-8
Thompson, Jon, ‘New Times, new thoughts, new sculpture’ (Nov 1992), pp. 11-34
Tucker, William, ‘The condition of sculpture’ (1975), pp. 35-37
Safran, Yehuda, ‘The condition of gravity and grace’ (June-Autumn 1975), pp. 38-41

Language: English
ISBN: 1853320986
Pages: 132
Dimensions: 22x22cm
Library Reference: 1993 GRA
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