Gerry Schum

Schum, Gerry; de WIlde, Edy; Mignot, Dorine and Ursula Wevers
Date: 1979,
Publisher: Stedelijk Museum

de Wilde, Edy, Foreword, p. 1
Mignot, Dorine, Introduction, pp. 2-11, 67-72
Schum, Gerry, ‘Introduction to the Television-Exhibition Land Art’, pp. 12-13, 73
Schum, Gerry, ‘Introduction to the Television-Exhibition Identifications’, pp. 14-15, 74
Wevers, Ursula, ‘The television gallery: the idea and how it failed’, pp. 19-20, 77-78

Language: English; Dutch
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 27.5x20.7cm
Library Reference: 1980 GER
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