Creation. Modern Art and Nature

Hal, Douglas; Hartley, Keith; Rosenblum, Robert; Mundy, Jennifer and Mike Weaver
Date: 1984,
Publisher: Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

McCracken, JS (Resident Director, Scotland and Northern England IBM United Kingdom Limited) and Thompson, Colin (Director, National Galleries of Scotland), Preface, p. 6
Hall, Douglas and Hartley, Keith, Introduction, pp. 7-8
Rosenblum, Robert, ‘Resurrecting Darwin and Genesis: Thoughts on Nature and Modern Art’, pp. 9-15
Mundy, Jennifer, ‘Form and Creation: The Impact of the Biological Sciences on Modern Art’, pp. 16-23
Weaver, Mike, ‘The Metamorphic Tradition in Modern Photography’, pp. 84-94

Language: English
ISBN: 09003148552
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 29x21cm
Library Reference: 1984 CRE
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