Bob Cobbing and Writers’ Forum Retrospective Exhibition

Mayer, Peter (ed.) and Anthony Cobbing
Date: 1974,
Publisher: Ceolfrith Press, Ceolfrith

Harwood, Lee, ‘Bob Cobbing’ (Aug – Sep 1974), pp. 7-13
Mottram, Eric, ‘Writers Forum: A Successful Campaign’, pp. 15-24
Houédard, Dom Silvester, ‘Bob Cobbing: Toubadour & Poet’ (extracts), p. 27
Cobbing, Bob, ‘An Approach to Notation’, pp. 32-38
Hanson, Sten, ‘Bob Cobbing – The Sound Poet’, pp. 43-45
Chopin, Henri, ‘Et C’est Alors Que J’ai Ri’, p. 47
Dufrêne, François, ‘Bob Jubile et Bill Jubobe’, p. 47
Nuttall, Jeff; Wright, Barbara and Burland, Cottie, ‘On the Paintings’, pp. 49-50
Pursglove, Glyn, ‘On the Poetry’, pp. 52-53
Mayer, Peter, ‘An Interview with Bob Cobbing’, pp. 55-60
Cobbing, Bob, ‘Check List of Writers Forum Publications’, pp. 63-73

Language: English; French
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 74
Dimensions: 21x21cm
Library Reference: 1974 BOB
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