Architecture and Arts 1900/2004: A Century of Creative Projects in Building, Design, Cinema, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Celant, Germano (ed.)
Date: 2004,
Publisher: SKIRA, Milan

Celant, Germano, ‘Architecture, Kaleidoscope of the Arts’, pp. 3-7
Mulazzani, Marco, ‘Art Space/Art of Space. Twentieth Century Exhibition Pavilions’, pp. 11-15
Bresciani, Elisabetta, ‘Struggle for Public Attention/Public Struggle’, pp. 17-20
Lista, Giovanni, ‘Art and Architecture in Futurism’, pp. 21-24
Bruno, Giuliana, ‘In the Realm of the Senses: Architecture. Cinema and Haptic Vision’, pp. 25-29
Merjian, Ana H, ‘The Architectonic Afterlives of Giogio de chirico’, pp. 31-37
Polano, Sergio, ‘Art and Architecture. The De Stijl Chromoplastic Synthesis’, pp. 39-43
Harris, Melissa, ‘Photography and Architecture’, pp. 45-51
De Michelis, Marco, ‘The Last Dream of the Total Work of Art. Art and Architecture in Germany in Weimar’, pp. 53-58
De Poli, Aldo, ‘On Architecture and Literature. The Stateless Past and the Somnambulist Future’, pp. 59-63
Costantini, Anna, ‘Four Dimensional Art and Maisons Passionnantes: the Crisis in the Premises of Modernism Through Situationism and the Close of the informal Movement’, pp. 65-68
De Seta, Cesare, ‘The Photographic Image and the Architecture of Modernity’, pp. 69-74
Magnago Lampugnani, Vittorio, ‘The Myth of Reality. Notes on Neorealism in Italy 1946-56’, pp. 75-79
Boccioni, Umberto, ‘Futurist Architecture. Manifesto’, pp. 82-83
Balla, Giacomo and Depero, Fortunato, ‘Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe’, pp. 84-86
Depero, Fortunato, ‘Advertising and Coloured Architecture’, p. 94
Marchi, Virgilio, ‘Manifesto of Dynamic Architecture, Mood and Dramatics’, p. 98
Pannaggi, Ivo, ‘Futurism’, p. 100
Prampolini, Enrico, ‘The Atmospherstructure Foundations for a Futurist Architecture’, pp. 104-106
Prampolini, Enrico, ‘Futurist Architecture’, pp, 107-108
Sant’Elia, Antonio, ‘Futurist Architecture. Manifesto’, pp. 110-112
Malevich, Kasimir, ‘Suprematism – Architecture’, p. 118
Al’tman, Nathan, ‘Futurism and the Art of Proletariat’, p. 119
Chernikhov, Yakov, ‘Birth, Study and Development of Constructivism’, p. 126
Gabo, Naum and Pevsner, Antoine, ‘Fundamental Principles of Constructivsim’, p. 130
Kassák, Lajos, ‘Picture Architecture’, pp.134-136
Klucis, Gustav, ‘The Laboratory of the Revolution’, p. 138
Leonidov, Ivan I, ‘The Palette of the Architect’, p. 148
Lissitzky, El, ‘Proun’, pp. 152-157
Lissitzky, ‘Photography’, p. 162
Malevich, Kasimir, ‘Suprematist Manifesto Unovis’, p. 166
Malevich, Kasimir, Lissitzky, El, Yermolaeva, Vera and Kogan , Nina, ‘Work Plan for the Council’, p. 170
Mansurov, Pavel, ‘Affirmation’, p. 172
Rodchenko, Alexander, ‘Notes on Composition’, p. 176
Rodchenko, Alexander, ‘Slogans. Discipline: Construction’, p. 178
Rodchenko, Alexander, ‘Conclusions on Concepts of Construction and Composition’, p. 178
Medunetskii, Konstantin, Stenberg, Vladimir and Stenberg, Georgi, ‘The Constructivists Address the World’, p. 182
Suetin, Nikolai, ‘Plan of Work of the Section of Suprematist Architecture of the Department of Material Culture for 1926/27’, p. 184
Tatlin, Vladimir, ‘Art out into Technology’, p. 186
Mondrian, Piet, ‘The Creation of Neoplasticism in the Distant Future and in Today’s Architecture (Architecture Conceived as Our Total [Non Natural] Environment)’, pp. 192-194
Van Doesburg, Theo, ‘In Relation to Plastic Architecture’, pp. 195-197
Gorin, Jean, ‘Is the Synthesis of the Major Arts Possible? A Vital Issue of Modern Architecture, Open Letter to the General Assembly of Groupe Espace’, pp. 198-200
Mondrian, Piet, ‘Neoplastic Architecture of the Future’, p. 204
Van Der Leck, Bart, ‘On Painting and Building’, p. 210
Van Doesburg, Theo, ‘Towards a Collective Construction’, p. 212
Van Doesburg, Theo, ‘Notes on Monumental Art’, p. 214
Vantongerloo, Georges, ‘The Incommensurable’, p. 217
Taut, Bruno, ‘From the Letters of the ‘Crystal Chain’, p. 222
Finsterlin, Herman, ‘Casa Nova (Architecture of the Future’, pp. 226-227
Scharoun, Hans, ‘From the Letters of the ‘Crystal Chain’, p. 236
Van Doesburg, Theor, Schwitters, Kurt, Arp, Hans, Tzara, Tristan and Spengemann, Christoph, ‘Proletarian Art Manifesto’, p. 242
Kiesler, Frederick, ‘Magic Architecture’, p. 244
Kiesler, Frederick, ‘Second Manifesto of Correalism’, p. 246
Schwitters, Kurt, ‘Merz’, p. 254
Gropius, Walter, ‘Program of the State Bauhaus in Weimer’, p. 262
Gropius, Walter, ‘Program’, pp. 263-264
Stolz, Gunta, ‘Weaving at the Bauhaus’, p. 265
Dessau, Walter, ‘The Obligatory Figurative Courses Held by Albers, Kandinsky, Klee, Schlemmer and Schmidt’, pp. 274-275
Kandinsky, Wassily, ‘Art Education’, pp. 276-277
Klee, Paul, ‘Exact Experiments in the Field of Art’, p. 278
Moholy-Nagy, László, ‘Bauhaus and Typography’, p. 280
Moholy-Nagy, László, ‘Photography is Manipulation of Light’, p. 282
Schlemmer, Oskar, ‘Manifesto ‘The First Bauhaus Exhibition, Weimar Jult to September 1923’, pp. 286-288
Schlemmer, Oskar, ‘The Stage and the Bauhaus’, p. 289
Van Der Rohe, Ludwig Mies, ‘Building’, p. 294
Van Der Rohe, Ludwig Mies, ‘On Form in Architecture’, pp. 295-296
Jeanneret, Charles-Edouard and Ozenfant, Amédée, ‘Purism’, p. 304
Léger, Fernand, ‘Discourse to the Architects’, p. 316
Léger, Fernand, ‘Modern Architecture and Color’, pp. 317-319
Loos, Adolf, ‘The Principles of Wall Covering’, p. 322
Loos, Adolf, ‘The House’, pp. 322-323
De Chirico, Giorgio, ‘Metaphysical Aestethics’, p. 328
Sironi, Mario, ‘Architecture and Art’, pp. 333-336
Goff, Bruce, ‘As an Architect’, p. 347
Fontana, Lucio, ‘Technical Manifesto of Spatialism’, pp. 358-359
Kahn, Louis, “GEAM” Program for a Mobile Architecture’, p. 361
Tobey, Mark, ‘Selected Notes’, p. 371
Vedova, Emilio, ‘A Painter Judges Architecture’, p. 372
Venturi, Robert, ‘Non-Straightforward Architecture: a Gentle Manifesto’, p. 376
Manzoni, Piero, ‘Placentarium’, pp. 390-391
Schoffer, Nicolas, ‘Spatiodynamism, Luminodynamism and Chronodynamism’, p. 397
Celant, Germano, ‘Model as Artwork’, pp. 413-419
Pettena, Gianni, ‘Congruence and Consonance between Architecture and Art’, pp. 421-425
Poli, Francesco, ‘Minimalist Sculpture. Environmental and Architectonic Aspects’, pp. 427-431
Benjamin, Andrew, ‘Passing Through Deconstruction: Architecture and the Project of Autonomy’, pp. 433-437
Branzi, Andrea, ‘Architecture: A Different History’, pp. 437-444
Contessi, Gianni, ‘Supplementary Notes on Architectural Painting and its Immediate Neighbours’, pp. 445-450
Braghieri, Gianni, ‘Tower, Coca-Cola Can and Gauloises. The Relationship between Art and Architecture in Aldo Rossi’, pp. 451-453
Van Bruggen, Coosje, ‘Leaps into the Unknown. Large-Scale Projects in Collaboration with Frank O Gehry’, pp. 455-459
Casamonti, Marco, ‘Architecture is an Art: The Contemporary Museum as Affirmation of an Evident Tautology’, pp. 461-464
Maraniello, Gianfranco, ‘Contemporary Art and the “Limits” of Architecture’, pp. 465-469
Biesenbach, Klaus, ‘Moving Images of Polymorphous Spaces’, pp. 471-475

Language: English
ISBN: 8876240100
Pages: 784
Dimensions: 28.5x24.8cm
Library Reference: 2004 ARC
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