Out of Clay

23 Jul - 11 Sep 1988
City Art Gallery (Manchester), Manchester, United Kingdom
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Exhibiting artists: Stuart Brisley, Andy Goldsworthy, Robert Cooper, Carol Farrow, Ewen Henderson, Gillian Lowndes, WT Copeland & Sons, AG Hackney, Jacqueline Poncelet, Paul Astbury, Mark Dunhill, ML Solon, Barry Flanagan, Richard Slee, Halima Audu, Pablo Picasso, Denise Wren, Waistel Cooper, Ladi Kwali, William Staite Murray, Julian Stair, Michael Cardew, Bernard Leach, Siddig El Nigoumi, John Pipper, Lucie Rie, Jill Crowley, Elizabeth Fritsch, Benjamin Hillwood-Harris, Martin Brothers, Fiona Salazar, Thomas Toft, Penelope Bennett, Howard Bowcott, Marina Ximena Collins, Gabriele Koch, Magdalene Oduno, Elspeth Owen, Gulab Chand, Glenys Barton, Anthony Gormley, Mo Jupp, Jules Dalou, Conrad Dressler, Michael Flynn, Carole Hodgson, Jefford Horrigan, Auguste Rodin, Kate Malone, Ghisha Koenig, Joan Miró, Ruth Dupré, Geoffrey Fuller, Rosa NF Quy, Sharon Kivland, Nancy Angus, Rod Bugg, Hans Coper, Bruce McLean, Henry Pim, Sara Radstone, Lucie Rie, Laurie Jo Wright, Dianne Cross and Linda Gunn Russell

Artworks Exhibited
There were 2 Artworks exhibited in this show
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