Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain September 1966-1979

1 July 2013

Southampton City Art Gallery is the opening venue for the tour of Uncommon Ground; a touring exhibition from the Arts Council Collection. The exhibition features work by some of the most important British artists of the last 50 years including Tony Cragg, Barry Flanagan, Hamish Fulton, Antony Gormley, Richard Long and Anthony McCall and takes a fresh look at the art of this period and considers what was particular about the way Land Art developed in Britain. In the late 1960s artists on both sides of the Atlantic turned away from the enclosed space of the gallery and went out into the landscape to forge a new form of art.

This art was made in radically new ways often using earth, water, sun and even fire as raw materials, and went under several names: Land Art, earth art, process art, and conceptual art.

Uncommon Ground private view card
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