30 June 2015

Alex Frost

Property Guardian

5th June – 2nd August 2015

Alex Frost presents a new series of mixed media sculptures and drawings made during the PHYNANCE Residency that took place at Flat Time House from November 2014 to March 2015.

Alex Frost, Property Guardian 2015, Flat Time House, installation view

Property Guardian draws on the research the Frost undertook whilst living and working in Flat Time House, the space becoming a home, gallery and archive for the artist. The resulting work manipulates detritus relating to the home, its location and domesticity, investigating the role of artists within a community and the way in which the living conditions of artists have been politicised through the current culture of property speculation and property guardianship programmes.
Accompanying Property Guardian, Alex Frost will be taking submissions into thePeckham Art Press Release Archive, for more information on this and future Flat Time House  events click here and for the work of Alex Frost here.

The PHYNANCE Residency celebrates the artistic dialogue and friendship between John Latham and Barry Flanagan. The four-month residency invites artists to interrogate the category of sculpture while immersing themselves in the Flanagan and Latham archives.

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