Silâns, Issue 6

Article Author: Flanagan, Barry, NR Wayte, Stanley Thomas Brobyn, Tony and Helen and Don and Jenny, Rudy Leenders.
Date: 1965, January
Article Pages: Barry Flanagan, 'drawings/prints', p. 1 Barry Flanagan, 'an autobiographicaly', p. 2 Barry Flanagan, 'Letter to Anthony Caro, 7 June 1963', p. 4 Barry Flanagan, 'assertion' p. 7 Barry Flanagan, 'Submissions on an Application to RCA', p. 8 Barry Flanagan, 'A Poste Interview Resume of Previous Persuits Within the Form of Sculpture, 30 June 1963', p. 10 Barry Flanagan, 'drawings/prints', p. 11 Barry Flanagan, 'paphpaphpa', p. 12 NR Wayte, 'Some Difficulties of Speech (for Robert Ciciely)', p. 13 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Cakes', p. 14 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Eat', p. 14 Tony Helen and Don and Jenny, 'Dxxx Xxxxx (xxx Xxx)', p. 13 Rudy Leenders, 'A Place for You and Me, part 3', p. 16
Language: English
ISBN: n/a
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