Silâns, Issue 16

Article Author: Flanagan, Barry, Stanley Thomas Brobyn, Georges Vantongerloo, Rudy Leenders.
Date: 1965, June
Article Pages: Barry Flanagan, 'the second international exhibition of experimental poetry at catherines college oxford june nineteen sixty five', p. 1 Barry Flanagan, 'mnt A !', p. 2 Barry Flanagan, 'nb the visual poem', p. 3 Barry Flanagan, 'PAX', p. 4 Barry Flanagan, 'drawings/prints', p. 5 Barry Flanagan, 'the visual poems', p. 6 Barry Flanagan, 'requiem', p. 7 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'friend so and so', p. 8 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Old Rope Death', p. 8 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'The Boss', p. 8 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Girl', p. 9 Georges Vantongerloo, 'The Subject' p. 10 Rudy Leenders, 'Something about masculinity', p. 14 Rudy Leenders, '100,000 million stars', p. 15 Rudy Leenders, 'Silence', p. 16 Rudy Leenders, 'Everything is the same with me', p. 17 Rudy Leenders, 'No more Sermons', p. 18
Language: English
ISBN: n/a
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