Silâns, Issue 14

Article Author: Flanagan, Barry, Henry Chopin, Stanley Thomas Brobyn, John Latham.
Date: 1965, May
Article Pages: Barry Flanagan, 'An Idea Dieedd in the Mindd' p. 1 Barry Flanagan, 'sad sat sshat', p. 2 Barry Flanagan, 'choke joke', p. 3 Henry Chopin (translated by Arlette Jackson), 'International Revolution in Modern Languages', p. 4 Barry Flanagan, 'Stevie Mith read and sang her poems', p. 6 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'The Harness', p. 7 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Rotten', p. 7 Stanley Thomas Brobyn, 'Is This Me?', p. 7 John Lahtam, 'Eros a Proposal', p. 8 'Some time ago I questioned whether the artist would survive in the computer age', p. 9
Language: English
ISBN: n/a
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