Extrospection at Pi Artworks, London 1 Oct – 14 Nov 2020

17 September 2020

‘Extrospection’ opens at Pi Artworks 1 Oct – 14 Nov 2020. Curated by David Thorp this group show will examine how the term Conceptual art has come to be used as a popular catchall for everything that isn’t conventional painting and sculpture. But did Conceptual art actually die in the 70s? Or has it survived as a distinct discipline formed by the extrospective consideration of things external to the artist – putting ideas about art and its place in the world over the artists’ mental and emotional processes?

Several works by Flanagan including ‘Daylight light piece 3 ’69′(1969) (pictured below at &Model, Leeds 2017) will be shown alongside those of Fiona Banner, Toby Tobias Kidd, John Latham, Cally Spooner and Anne Tallentire.

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'Daylight light piece 3 '69'(1969) (pictured at &Model, Leeds 2017)
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