Tout petit et très grand

23 May - 17 Jun 2023
Musee de Grenoble, Grenoble, France
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For the 18th edition of its exhibitions outside the walls, the Grenoble museum is hosted by the Arlequin library from May 23 to June 17. A set of 12 works from the 20th century , from the museum’s permanent collections, will be presented for a month. The theme of the exhibition was proposed by the library team based on the characters of the tales, this collection being a specificity of the Arlequin library in the Grenoble network.

As always, the selection presented reflects both the diversity and richness of the museum’s collections. Combining paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs, it shows how works of art can be real springboards for the imagination. Visitors will thus be able to discover fantastic characters, some tiny others gigantic, extraordinary animals or even mysterious landscapes, both near and far. A real invitation to travel in multiple universes, from the infinitely small to the immensity of the sky.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the spaces of the Arlequin library will be transformed: stories and children’s albums moved to other spaces in the library; temporary partitions installed in order to present the works under the same conditions as in the museum.

Artworks Exhibited
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