Millfield British 20th Century Sculpture Exhibition

1 Jan 1992
Millfield School, Somerset, United Kingdom
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Exhibiting artists: Ivor Abrahams, Kenneth Armitage, Michael Ayrton, Ernst (Müller) Blensdorf, Shirley Borokhov, Anthony Caro, Daniel Chadwick, Lynn Chadwick, John Cobb, Doug Cocker, Richard Deacon, Richard Devereux, Kenneth Draper, Gareth Evans, Brian Fell, Barry Flanagan, Elisabeth Frink, Andy Frost, Lee Grandjean, Tom Grimsey, Barbara Hepworth, Charles Hewlings, Nicola Hicks, Carole Hodgson, Robert Jakes, Kenneth Jordan, David Kemp, George Kennethson, Roy Kitchin, Timothy Lees, Rosie Leventon, Andrew Logan, Michael Lyons, FE McWilliam, David Mach, Ian Middleton, Dhruva Mistry, Denis Mitchell, David Nash, Eilis O’Connell, Vanessa Pooley, William Pye, Kate Robinson, Richard Rome, Sophie Ryder, Gavin Scobie, Anthony Smart, Leon Underwood, Mary Spencer Watson, Vincent Woropay and Gordon Young

Artworks Exhibited
There was 1 Artwork exhibited in this show
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