Exhibition for Prize 4

20 Nov 1967 - 30 Jan 1968
Museum of Contemporary Art, Nagaoka, Nagaoka, Japan
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The Museum was founded in 1964 with a prize for a young artist as an annual exhibition. Flanagan was selected for the fourth exhibition and won the first prize with an award of ¥1,000,000. The jury included Jasia Reichardt who was also a juror of the 9th Tokyo Biennale which took place at the same time.

Exhibiting artists include:
David Annesley, Anthony Benjamin, Barry Flanagan, Michio Fukuoka, Norio Imai, Takayasu Ito, Kim Lin, Tomio Miki, Hisayuki Mogami, Francis Morland, Michael Sandle, Shintaro Tanaka, Derrick Woodham, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, Kazuo Yuhara.

Artworks Exhibited
There was 1 Artwork exhibited in this show
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