5 June 2014

Simon & Tom Bloor
Residency Works
5th June – 27th July 2014

Simon and Tom Bloor present a series of new sculptural works made during the inaugural PHYNANCE residency that took place at Flat Time House from November 2013 to March 2014.

Residency Works draws on the research the artists undertook whilst working with the Barry Flanagan and John Latham archives, investigating public space and the paradox of the unintentional creation through vandalism. This project took as its starting point the several occasions Flanagan had work destroyed that were sited in public spaces – in particular Flanagan’s Cambridge Piece for the City sculpture Project (1972). 

Cambridge piece, 1972

Focusing on contemporary media reports of criticism of the works aesthetic value, details of it’s vandalisation, destruction and removal have led Tom and Simon Bloor to explore the possibility of considering the vandalism of art as a sort of abstraction, or performative action, and whether it is possible – or desirable to ‘vandal proof’ public art.

For further information on the  PHYNANCE residency visit Flat Time House 

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